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Zhejiang Langli Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Langli Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. It is located in Huzhou, the hinterland of Hangzhou-Jiaxing Lake, which is known as "the paradise on earth". The company is a professional manufacturer of enamelled co…

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R & D strength

Have the most core R & D and production technical team,
customized and most professional enameled wire

High-quality raw materials

Langli uses imported high-quality raw materials

Production capacity

The scale of the factory is huge, and it can produce 430 tons of enameled copper round wire per month

Ability to trade

For domestic market, Asian market

Latest Products

Self-adhesive products, can be used in traditional household appliances,
tubular motors or electrical appliances with high processing difficulties,
high defect rates


Accurate measurement by multiple inspection equipment

Strong production base to create
the best enameled wire

The production equipment is sophisticated and efficient, and the testing equipment is advanced and complete.

Has a professional management team and a complete management system.

The enameled wire has a complete variety and a wide range of applications.

National certification, quality assurance

With advanced product management system, strong quality assurance capabilities.

he product is green and environmentally friendly. The product has passed the UL certification of the United States and complies with EU ROSH and REACH requirements.

Exclusively developed and produced micro-motor self-adhesive enameled wire with stable quality and reasonable price.

Personalized customization
to meet your more needs

Customized according to the requirements of different customers, more and better to solve actual needs.

Quality product, 5 star service

Orders are delivered on time at 100%.

24 hours response, on-site processing usually arrives within 24 hours in the province and 48 hours outside the province.

Tel: 86 0572-3628267

Langli focused on R & D and production of enameled wire for 20 years

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