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Classification and performance indicators of insulation materials?

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At present, China is the world's largest producer of wires and cables, ranking first in the world, with an annual output of about 700 billion yuan. The wire and cable industry has developed rapidly, and the effect of supporting the industrial economy has become increasingly significant. According to relevant data, in the past ten years or so, the annual increase rate of professional production of wire and cable has reached more than 15%. Due to the impact of the financial crisis, the high-speed increase of wire and cable has been slowed down. Some new industries, such as polysilicon, have overheated their investment and have repeated the occupation of cable Construction also sounded the alarm, and career transformation and upgrading is imperative. So, what does the wire and cable industry rely on for transformation and upgrading? Attaching importance to the progress of "soft power" is the key. "Soft power" has become the soul of the company's competitive power and the company's true central competitive power.

The norm is industrial short board

Norm is not only the inductive expression of commodity skills, but also the skill means of competition strategy. When we and the International Production Powers Chamber resisted the ceremony, when our eyes began to turn to the global economy, when domestic production and production capabilities showed structural oversupply, and when many planning companies began to enter foreign malls, we found that in addition to the foreign economic system, In addition to a series of transaction maintenance barriers, skill barriers are usually set through the formulation of skill specifications. The same skill barriers allow us to pay enough production and sales costs. Counting it out, we are still earning hard labor money.

Entering the U.S. malls must be UL certified, and go to Europe to comply with EU regulations. There is even a European industrial regulatory organization that revises the specifications every two years, and then launches a new version. The intention is clear, that is, to let you surround them. Developed normative transfers. This is the reference.

Unlike China, is the Western country a completely private country? The predecessor of the "IEC" specification was also a commodity born on the main site of a single company. It's just that they had earlier strategic understanding of shopping mall competitions and international competitions. Epistemic awareness is one of the important factors for national and regional differences. We do not compete with multinational companies in China, but we must also learn the skills and strategies to compete with them. If China's own large international bidding project also sets the "GB" skill clauses, the competitive advantages of the mall in the future will be obviously reflected.

The crux of the question is that our specifications are far from keeping pace with the needs of new industries and new shopping malls. There are a lot of cutting-edge commodities such as wind power, nuclear power, optoelectronic composites, and smart grids that have industrial development prospects, without the early involvement of the "GB" specification. The connection between the mall and the company is like water and fish. Although we are also familiar with the ability of malls to change specifications, we do not need to complain whether "GB" can keep up with the pace of economic development in our country. For the huge wire and cable shopping malls, it is also a good stand for the integration of our cable economy into the global shopping malls. , We need to more standardize the understanding of competition and the responsibilities of the nation.

Attaching Importance to Independence and Strengthening Patent Understanding

Patent and innovation awareness are concrete manifestations of soft power. China is still in the mid-industrialization period, and is facing new tests on innovative talents.

At present, domestic companies have relatively few invention patents with high gold content and more practical new-type patents. The patents that can be usually requested by multinational groups are usually invention patents, which shows the distance between domestic companies and multinational groups. In addition, the data shows that if calculated on a per capita basis, the number of patents in China is only about 14% of developed countries. From this we can see that our request for a progressive patent is necessary.

Under normal circumstances, the backbone companies with the highest professional rankings have a rapid rise in patent data and a significant technical advantage. On the contrary, in the course of operation, companies that do not pay much attention to the protection of intellectual property rights will encounter many difficulties in terms of company demand and rights protection. It is worth noting that the company should contact the current status of cable professional products, expand the open science and technology horizon, attach importance to the innovation source of international wire and cable professional independence skills, contact information capital, make every effort to promote skill innovation, and then have more independence Meaning of patent skills, patented goods.

At the same time, the patent skills are organically linked with production, and the conversion rate of patent effects is improved. Ultimately, patent skills must be transformed into productivity, which effectively improves the company's competitiveness.

Industry-University-Research Links and Strengthening the Construction of Talent Teams For the development of wire and cable enterprises, science and technology are the support and talents are the key. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of special-shaped talent teams. As long as science and technology are the central driving force and important starting point, we can truly change the economic development method and win the initiative for future development. If skill innovation is the life of the company, then talent is the driving force behind skill innovation.

At present, the cable occupation induction is of good nature and there is a shortage of inductive talents. The reason is that many companies want talents to come in handy, but they pay little attention to the cultivation of talents. The loss of talents has seriously affected the pace of the wire and cable career to enter the international market. For college students who have just graduated in the field of cable, they have learned a lot of theoretical knowledge. Because of the fact that they do n’t touch much, when they enter the factory, the hours of dealing with actual questions usually seem to be busy and helpless. The meeting artificially formed a certain loss for the company. At this time, the branch company felt that this talent had a limited level of talents, no longer gave it room for improvement, and no longer left hands as important objects for cultivation. This was not conducive to the growth of talents; Some skilled personnel are not able to develop freely in their positions, too many leaders intervene, the activity and creativity of skills innovation are significantly weakened, and there are many similar situations. Faulty appearances are usually present in skilled personnel. In particular, there are few academic leaders with high skills in research and development, and scientific research and management personnel who have both scientific research and development capabilities and strong organizational and coordination capabilities.

During the company's operation, it was found that the disconnection between scientific research and production was a common question for the company. The fundamental reason is that the interests of the two major departments of scientific research and production are inconsistent, which leads to the lack of a common language between the research and development unit and the company. The "sigh of the cow drum spring" is actually a reflection of the ability to detect inductive talents. If we communicate in place, the original goal is the same. We can develop new products. How important quality is.

It is particularly important to aim at shopping malls, increase the construction of industry-university-research collaboration systems, and accelerate the industrialization process of major projects. The company should cooperate with well-known professional research institutes, scientific research institutions and other units, choose a deep blending mechanism, and establish a technology capital sharing mechanism. In this way, scientific research institutes and companies develop their respective advantages, cooperate with each other, build a center research team, and absorb and use Internationally differentiated capital makes commodity skills more competitive internationally, adds new impetus to the company's technological development, takes new steps in adjusting the industrial structure, and promotes China's cable technology industry to catch up with and exceed international advanced levels.

Promote the reuse of green cable data

Initiated the concept of "green production". The green concept was not only rooted in the minds of broad companies, but also put into action. Strict green production standards and integrated the concepts of green, environmental protection and safety into all aspects of product development, production, and promotion. The capital is limited, and a circular economy must be developed to contribute to the construction of a conservation-oriented society. In the wire and cable industry, 5 million tons of waste are produced every year in the production process throughout the world. There is also a long-term storage of cable products, and 10% of the accumulated amount will be waste, which not only pollutes the environment, but also greatly wastes natural capital. Human beings are proud of the rapid increase in GDP, which is also "discounted" because of environmental pollution and climate change. Countries have called for "green GDP" in the form of development and statistical methods. The current recycling of cable materials, such as copper, The recycling rate of aluminum is over 95%, and the recycling rate of polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene is only 3%.

A few years ago, the electric wire and cable profession had the theme of "capital saving, environmentally friendly, and dedication to society", which has been proven from the perspectives of circular economy, energy saving and consumption reduction, and green product design. After two years of efforts, the company has achieved certain results in terms of capital savings. Low-smoke and halogen-free environmental protection cables have been used a lot, but the road to go in the future is still long.

We need to focus on the technical innovation and pay more attention to the continued use of the original data, reduce environmental pollution, in order to improve the utilization rate of useful capital and reduce the cost; make China's renewable capital recovery and use benign and promote the development of a low-carbon economy. It can be predicted which company will do a good job in this respect and become the leader of the wire and cable profession.

Transformation and Social Role of Private Companies

Globally, the company's values have gone through three stages of development: maximum profit values, operational management values, and corporate social values. Today, the traditional values of maximizing profits are gradually being replaced by modern corporate values that are mutually beneficial to the corporate society. Actively assume social responsibilities, shifting from a simple emphasis on prosperity and economic growth to a focus on the overall harmony and prosperity of society.

A company's social responsibility is more than compassion. The company's social responsibility body can now provide society with better products and services, reduce energy consumption, green environmental protection, expand employment opportunities, and build harmony. The relationship between the company owner and the society is just like the relationship between China and the world. From the completion of the wealth dream to a company that leads the way in society, it will be recognized by the whole society. Establishing the company's social public image is conducive to the establishment and promotion of the company's civilized philosophy and central value, and is conducive to attracting talents and promoting the company's continued development. Holding social responsibility is also the "soft power" of the company.